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Transzendentale Meditation - TM

Forum für Transzendentale Meditation - Forum Transcendental Meditation
Das Wissenschaftsforum - Transzendentale Meditation - präsentiert und diskutiert wissenschaftliche Forschungen in den Bereichen
(1) Grundlagen der Transzendentalen Meditation,
(2) Bewusstseinsentwicklung (durch Transzendentale Meditation),
(3) Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen(der Transzendentalen Meditation),
(4) Interdisziplinäre Studien,
(5) Vedische Studien,
sowie anwendungsbezogene
(6) Initiativen.
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von Dr. Bernd Zeiger
3 Jahre 6 Monate her
Natural Science which describes and systemetises the phenomena observed in the material or physical world is the most developed field of science in our time. The phenomena of the physical world are.collectively referred to as "nature" or “life“ and range from the subatomic to the cosmic. These phenomena discovered by modern science are related in this forum to the knowledge contained in the traditional Vedic Literature. The purpose of such discussions is to confirm and strengthen the validity of intuitively gained insights by cultivating the understanding that the objective approach of modern science and the subjective approach of Transcendental Meditation ultimately refers to the same reality which modern physics calls “Unified Field” and Vedic Science “Transcendental Consciousness”. The main themes of the forum on Natural Science and Veda are
(1) Maharishi`s Vedic Perspective,
(2) Physics and Veda,
(3) Biophysics and Veda,
(4) Veda in Human Physiology,
(5) Vedic Psychology,
(6) Vedic Sociology.
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Letzter Beitrag: Grundlagen des Mahar ...
von Dr. Bernd Zeiger
7 Jahre 10 Monate her
The Science Forum - Transcendental Meditation(TM) - discusses scientific findings related to this mental technique developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the basis of the ancient Vedic Science. Transcendental Meditation being purely scientific in itself has also been researched widely by modern science.
The main themes of the Science Forum are
* Scientific Foundations
* Scientific Research on Transcendental Meditation
* Development of Consciousness through Transcendental Meditation
* Interdisciplinary Studies
* Vedic Studies
* Practical Initiatives
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Letzter Beitrag: New Research Trends
von Dr. Bernd Zeiger
6 Jahre 9 Monate her
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