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Themenverlauf: Fundamentals of Economics and Business

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Dr. Bernd Zeiger

Dr. Bernd Zeigers Avatar

The incease of coherence in collective consciousness world wide through millions of people unfolding their creative potential by practising Transcendental Meditation has lead to the discovery of the

10 Fundamentals of Economics and Business:

(1) Initiative, (2) Comprehension, (3) Creativity, (4) Vigilance, (5) Foresight,

(6) Stability,(7) Adaptability,(8) Integration,(9) Purification and (10) Growth.

The last five ( 6 - 10) are the Fundamentals of Progress.

The scientific research conducted throughout the world in the 20th century on the Transcendental Meditation programme has demonstrated the enlivenment of these Fundamentals of Economics and Business on all four levels of life. physiological, psychological, sociological, and ecological.

Already Frew (1974) studying aubjects practising the TM technique showed an increase in job satisfaction, better job performance, more stability in their job, and better interpersonal relationship with their supervisors and co-workers than non-meditating subjects. Meditating executives at higher levels of responsibility showed even higher improvements in job performance and satisfaction than meditators who worked at lower levels of organization. The study by Frew was replicated by Friend (1976) and by Alexander (1993) all confirming that employees and employers alike gain the benefits of more comprehensive and creative thinking, greater autonomic stability and improved self-actualization. The overall result of the development of consciousness is that people become more efficient and effective in their job, gainn greater satisfaction from their achievements, and enjoy better relationships with theire associates.

In principle there is reciprocity between individual and collective consciousness. The mutual enriching relationship between employer and employees is analogous to the relationship between parents and their children and between government and their people.

Ideally employers should help the evolution of his employees and reciprocally the employees produce coherence through the group dynamics of consciousness. Usually employers maintain only the life of his employees, but since the nature of life is to grow, life is never satisfied with the maintenence of any one level of existence. The employer must also provide the mechanics of evolution.

Original Message
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011
Subject: Fwd: neue Arbeit! New work!
From: Klaus Weber

Betreff: neue Arbeit! New work!
Datum: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 1
Von: hildegard.kathan

Guten Abend!
Good evening!

Bei Semco ist fast alles anders, als uns „die da oben“ seit Jahrzehnten
weismachen wollen. Und dennoch- oder deshalb?- SEMCO ist eine höchst
erfolgreiche Firma. Mehr als lesenswert:

At Semco, almost everything is different than it should be in a “proper”
company. Still- SEMCO is a highly successful business!
This is really worth reading:

Original Message
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011
Subject: Re: Fwd: neue Arbeit! New work!
From: Dr.Zeiger
To: "Klaus Weber"

Dear Hildegard, Dear Klaus

thank you for pointing out the example of Ricardo Semler, CEO of Brazil-based Semco, who for nearly 25 years now, has let his employees set their own working hours, wages, even choose their own IT. with the result of increased productivity, long-term loyalty and phenomenal business growth. This is very significant in connection to the principles of consciousness-based management:

At first sight an employer–employee relationship at eye-to-eye-level
seems to contradict the existence of hierarchical structures (e.g. the
Raja system of administration) and the natural division of labour.
To clarify this point your information will be discussed in the
Darmstadt Science Forum under the theme of Fundamentals of Economics and

The discussion also will provide a scientific basis for the current move
to establish a wiconomics platform as presented recently in the forum:

In times of severe financial and economic crisis this is a timely

Jai Guru Deva
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