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THEMA: Value of the Gap

Value of the Gap 10 Jahre 6 Monate her #360

Original Message
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 07:14:22 +0200
Subject: MMY: day-dreaming, 60s/70s
From: Jörg Schenk

Refined Level of Mental Acticity (audio, 60s/70s)

MAHARISHI: ...We will see whether it is day-dreaming or something useful. When we sit long time, then the mind settles down and the thoughts come on that settled level of the mind. The breath becomes very slow and that low metabolism continues for a long time.

When the low metabolism continues for a long time, it brings the ordinary thinking mind on a very subtle level. Because the breathing does become very soft and then low metabolic rate enables the mind to think in a very fine manner.

When you have sat for a long time, then naturally the mind starts thinking on that fine level. Because you have been meditating for a long, long time the mind has become familiar with those fine levels and it starts thinking on that fine level.

Starts thinking means, after every diving it comes back on to a thought. Then from the thought you come back to the mantra and the mantra disappears and then a thought comes. So every time and because it is frequent - much more frequent divings and therefore much more frequent thoughts.

And the thought are very clear, much clearer than ever before. Because on that subtle level the thoughts previously used to be dim, not very clear, hazy sort of a thing. But now the thoughts are very clear. They are as clear as the thoughts had been in the waking state, in the very gross. When the attention is out completely, then the thoughts are so clear. Like that the thoughts are clear even in the subtle state.

That is why you feel as if you are just day-dreaming, thinking on that level all the time. But it is not thinking on that level all the time. The thoughts are after every dive. But because they are so frequent and because you sat for five, ten hours, in that five hundred times you dive and five hundreds times thoughts came.

This type of day-dreaming, this type of thinking on the subtle level, cultures the mind to operate on the subtle field. Something very precious. When the mind is very familiar with that subtle region - by thinking lots of thoughts in that subtle region, the mind gains ability to think clearly in the finer level.

And thought in the finer level is very powerful, as we know. If the mind gains ability to think in the finer level for long, long time, then every thought in life will be from that level. After long meditation even when you come out, you feel that the breath is not so as it used to be before, even when you are walking and talking, out of meditation. The low metabolism rate continues. And with practise it is to continue for all times.

Lower the metabolic rate, finer is the field of thinking. And finer is the field of thinking, more powerful is the thought. So, that which appears to be day-dreaming and that which appears to be a waste of time, is not a waste of time. It is a great training to the mind for being capable of operating on the subtle field of thinking.

It is a very great advantage to think on that fine level. Day-dreaming we call and it appears day-dreaming only because the thoughts are very, very clear. As clear as they used to be when we were in the gross. But that type of thinking itself is a very precious training to the mind. The mind becomes habituated to operate in the subtle level. It is a very great advantage.

The attitude towards that situation counts a great deal. This is very important. The attitude towards that situation is very highly important for us, because that being the precious practice for the mind. The mind gets cultured to operate on the subtle field. It is so valuable and precious, that if we think "Oh, time is being wasted"...

This psychology against that practice will strain our mind. Just this psychology, this attitude. If some friend is a very good friend, the slightest doubt about his goodness creates a very great tension. Mind loves to think in that fine level. And that is why it thinks... a certain level it might look to be random thoughts, day-dreaming, nothing happening, a waste of time. This attitude is dangerous. "Today I fell into day-dreaming and what is the good of day-dreaming?" This is the value of TM that even through day-dreaming it is going to bring the great power of near about the Almighty.

That which is day-dreaming at a particular state becomes very significant and gives the ability of the mind to appreciates much finer thoughts in a very clear way. And then thoughts will be materialized quickly. And through anything could be done. This is the glory of TM...
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